Emotionally charged, Eunice’s Maia original textured abstract art has been described as “intense, expressive, fulminant and positive”. Eunice’s expansive surfaces command the attention of passers-by, and transform a static wall into a living being.

She uses acrylic and mixed media to create her explosive art in an irrevocable commitment to abstraction, a method by which she feels she can free her paintings into purely pictorial, color and composition issues.

Her artwork varies with volumes, depth, layers of colors that wove organically in and out of each other and movement which changes the dynamic and power of each painting.

Eunice places mixed elements that are pushed and pulled along with the acrylic paint, to create an original and powerful sculptural relief that exudes emotion to the viewer. Her canvases invite the viewer to contemplate and connect to her work.

“The majority of my work is inspired by the classic music I listen to. Painting is constant movement, constant change. The creation process is cathartic, allowing myself to spill out onto my canvas as a release. That’s also why my work alternate from bright airy colors to darker hues.”

She lived for a few years in Mozambique where she devoted mainly to drawing. When Eunice returned to Portugal she worked for several years in advertising and it was during this period that she intensely dedicated herself to painting.

She pursued her professional career In Lisbon and her work was shown in many exhibitions across the world. Today her paintings form part of private and public collections across Europe.

Eunice’s work has received constant acclaim, winning numerous awards.
She studied at National Society of the Fine Arts in Lisbon and attended AR.CO.
She has a Master degree in Contemporary Art by Católica University


  • Gold Medal, Gembloux, Bélgium

  • 34th Salon-Concours International

  • Honourable Mention, Barcelone, Spain

  • 2º Salón Internacional de Pequeño Formato

  • Silver Medal, Paris France

  • Salons U.V.A. –International Exhibition of Paris

  • Gold Medal, Gembloux, Bélgium

  • 35th Salon-Concours International

  • Gold Medal, Paris France

  • International Exhibition of Paris

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Clients & Testimonials

what happy clients say

  • An amazing visual expressionist! Her energy and motivation to explore art and her passion about nature is boundless. Her work speaks for itself.
    Tanya Weston
    executive assistant
  • I had the pleasure to see some of Eunice's Maia wonderful work some years ago in Belgium and I was impressed by the power and skilful of her paintings. She was awarded a gold medal in the frame the 35TH Salon Concours International de Gembloux and it was my honor to meer her personally!
    Edward Leary
    art teacher
  • Eunice is an excellent source of inspiration! Her art is mature and fascinating.
    Melinda Allen
    recruitment specialist
  • For a piece of abstract art is to have significance for anyone other than the artist, it needs to have something that'll retain the viewer's attention, draw them in, keep them looking, and generate an emotional response. Eunice Maia's artwork does that to me. Amazing work!
    Roger Stephens
  • Si la peinture est le reflet de l’âme, on peut dire que la tienne est passionnée, intense et surtout très riche. Comme dans tout ce qu’on réalise dans la vie, l’important c’est le coeur et l’amour que l’on y a mis. Continue à donner aux gens l’envie de rêver et d’évoluer; c’est le plus grand des succès.
    testemonial Eunice Maia
    Stéphane Pineau
    PDG Made in Africa
  • Eunice Maia is as thoughtful about her art as she is accomplished. She is a talented artist, innovator, sensitive with a creative personality.
    Peter Klein
    travel writer